PAPER CODE: - ECO-111- AOP- S                       (ALL BATCHES)            




Time: 3 Hrs                                                                                                                           Max Marks: 100

                                                                           SECTION – A                                              Pass Mark: 35

I) Answer the following                                                                                                                     5 X 16 = 80 M

  1. a) Explain the law of diminishing marginal utility and write the importance of the law.


b) Write about the importance and limitations of deductive and inductive methods.

  1. a) What is law of demand and explain the exceptions to the law of demand.


            b) What is elasticity of demand and how we can measure it.

  1. a) What is perfect competition and how the price and out put are determined under perfect competition.


            b) Explain the types and price determination under discriminating monopoly

  1. a) Explain the law of variable proportions with suitable diagram.


            b) Write about the features and price determination under monopolistic competition.

  1. a) What is oligopoly and explain the price determinations under oligopoly.


            b) What is elasticity of supply and write about the types of elasticity of supply with suitable diagrams.


Answer the following                                                                                                                                     10 x 2 = 20 M

  1. Macro Economics
  2. Ordinal utility
  3. Material welfare
  4. Cross elasticity of demand
  5. Production function
  6. Labour
  7. Circulating capital
  8. Fixed cost
  9. Marginal cost
  10. Price discrimination













PAPER CODE : ENG-111-B                                                                                       STREAM - B                                                                                
I-                  B.A, B.SC & B.COM  –  GENERAL  ENGLISH – PAPER – I
Time : 3 Hrs                                                                                                                    Max Marks : 100
I) Answer the following in about 20-25 words each                                                              10 x 2 = 20 M
1)      Was the father happy or angry on the return of his son?  Support your answer with evidence from the story.
2)      The author says, “Ramphal was not able to work”.   State the reasons for his inability to work.
3)      How did the “clean clothes” help Nasiruddin?
4)      Do you agree with the author that six hundred years ago, reading was the previlege of rich people? Yes/ No?  Give reasons.
5)      Initially the Chinese printed page by page.  How did they do it?
6)       Which of the following words would you use to describe the narrator?  _____________
a)      Selfish       b) hard – working       c) helpful         d) miserly
7)      Why do you think no one dared to get into the compartment?
8)      What are the unique features of a “manyatta?”
9)      Who educates the Masai children?  What are they taught about?
10)  When do you think libraries were established? How did the libraries influence people?
II) A) Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow.                                    10 x 2 = 20 M
The Examination and You
            At the end of every course of study you have examinations.  Here is some advice that would help you to gear up yourselves for the forthcoming examinations.
            First of all, preparation begins as soon as you arrive in college.  So your motto is ‘Begin now.’  You can make a good start by preparing neat and adequate notes.  Your notes should contain all the important points from your lectures and from your reference books.  If you have complete notes, you will have little trouble with examinations.  Do not leave revision of your notes till the end of your course; after each term go over your notes carefully.  Your final revision, a few weeks before the examination, will then be quite an easy task.
            Next, what should you do during the examination?  Your best guide is to remember that a few minutes of careful planning and study can save hours of wasted time-so, do not start answering the questions until you are quite clear what you must do.  Read the instructions carefully.  Read the questions and answer exactly what you are asked.  Plan your time, and make a short outline of each answer as you come to it.  Write clearly and make sure your spelling and grammar are as correct as possible.  When you have finished, read over your answers and correct the obvious errors.
            Lastly, your attitude to examinations.  Many successful people have never passed any examination in their life.  Many people have passed several examinations and are failures in life.  Therefore, do not place too much trust in examinations.  A famous educator was once speaking to some students.  He told them that many of them would no doubt fail in their examination at the end of the year, as only half of the students usually passed their examination.  Everyone, he said, has to be tested by difficulties; the successful ones are those overcome difficulties by hard work and presentence.  Examinations are important but they are not supremely important.
  1. According to the passage, when do you think students would be getting ready for the exams?
  2. What constitutes your notes?
  3. When should you review your notes?  How does it help you?
  4. The author says, “ a few minutes of careful planning and study can save hours of wasted time”.  He means ___________
a)      that you should not be hasty in answering the questions.
b)       that you should be hasty in answering the questions in order to save time.
c)      that you should remember to answer all the questions.
d)     that you should finish the examination as early as possible.
  1. Before answering the question what is a student expected to do?
  2. What should you do, once you are through the exam?
  3. State whether the following statement is true or false___
People who are successful in examinations are also a success in life (                )
  1. What are the characteristics of a successful person?
  2. When should a student start answering his / her questions?
  3. Find the phrase in the passage which means “to be prepared and able to do it”.
B)  Fill in the blanks in the following sentences using suitable words from the help box      10 x 1 = 10 M
            attitude,           adequate,         outline,            obvious,           error     persistence,      supremely 
            lectures,           overcome,        motto
  1. His _____________ paid off, he won the contract.
  2. I resented his ______________
  3. A degree of ___________ is inevitable while noting the temperature.
  4. An ____________ of the new document has been made public today.
  5. India had ___________ rainfall in 2010.
  6. for  _____________ reasons, he needs to find work soon.
  7. The ____________ printed in U.S currency is “In god we Trust”.
  8. He delivered a series of ___________ on literature.
  9. I believe that we will ____________ fear in the end.
  10. He was _____________ self – confident at the interview.
III) Read the article, ‘The Examination and You’ and make notes.                                      1 x 10 = 10 M
IV) Answer the following questions.                                                                                                 10 x 2 = 20 M
  1. You are at an old fort, at a height, with your friends.  One of them has a binocular. You want to borrow it to be able to see the distant places.  Which of the following will you say to our friends? ____________________
a)      Javed, can I borrow your binoculars for a while?
b)      Javed, do I have your permission to borrow your binoculars?
c)      Javed, will you have any objection if I borrow your binoculars?
  1. How would you apologies to your friend for your inability to go with her for shopping?
  2. You meet your friend, Rakesh at the theatre.  You greet him, saying:
‘Good morning, Rakesh! I trust
You’re keeping well’.
Your friend feels uncomfortable.  Why?
  1. How would you introduce the chief guest to the audience on college day celebrations?
  2. Complete this dialogue
Anupama :  Good morning, sir.  May I come in? 
Principal : ____________________________________________
  1. You are a stranger to Hyderabad.  You wish to find an ATM counter of Andhra Bank nearby.  How will you ask a stranger on the road?
  2. Your class begins at 9;30 a.m and you are late to class due to traffic jam.  How will you apologise to your teacher for coming late to class?
  3. You are in the class.  Your pen runs out of ink.  You would like to use your friend’s pen.  What will you say to him?
  4. You find your younger brother playing with a knife.  How will you warn him against it and persuade him to give the knife to you?
  5. Prakash is writing an examination in Mathematics.  He wishes to take his calculator into the examination hall.  Which of the following will he say to the invigilator:
a)      May I take my calculator into the examination hall, please?
b)      Mind if I take my calculator into the examination hall?
c)      Is it all right if I take my calculator into the examination hall?
V) A) Fill in the blanks with prepositions.                                                                              5 x 1 = 5 M
Next Sunday I will visit Kodaikanal __________ some friends.   Rajesh will bring some food _________ us.  Teja will provide some bottles _____ Coca- Cola.  He will wrap them up ____ a damp cloth.  It will keep them cool.  What will I provide? I will jokes, and everyone will be happy.  At the end of the day, Arun will take us _____ his car.
    B) Fill in the blanks with articles                                                                                        5 x 1 = 5 M
This is ____ village.  It has no electricity.  There is _____ temple in the middle of ____ village and ____ large tank behind _____ temple.  The villagers have a bath in the tank before they say their morning prayers.
   C)  Rewrite the following words with correct spellings.                                                     10 x 1 = 10 M
1)      feesting
2)      custemor
3)      chearful
4)      scratsh
5)      lair
6)      numrous
7)      dissappeared
8)      salyute
9)      anceint
10)  ceremoney
 PAPER CODE : AEN-111                                                                                  ( ALL BATCHES  )                                                                                          
I-                  B.A – ADVANCED ENGLISH – PAPER – I
Time : 3 Hrs                                                                                                                    Max Marks : 100
Answer the following questions in their serial order.
1) Use any five of the following expressions in conversational situations:                            5 x 2 = 10 M
a)      I don’t feel like eating anything.  If you -------
b)      Oh!  That’s very kind of you, young man.
c)      Don’t mention it!  you’re welcome.
d)     I can’t tell you how sorry I am.
e)      I had to start early yesterday.
f)       You ought to be careful while driving on a busy road.
g)      Oh! Let’s not argue.
h)      What a pleasant surprise.
2) Write suitable dialogues for any two of the following situations.                                                 2 x 5 = 10 M
a)      The passenger sitting next to you in the bus keeps smoking non-stop.  The smoke makes you feel sick.  Complain to the conductor.  ( five exchanges)
b)      Imagine you were an unmarried young man and a very rich widow offered to marry you.  How would you feel?  What would you do?  (five exchanges)
c)      It’s raining.  Your family is planning to celebrate your sister’s wedding next week. You mother asks you, “What will be the weather like, next week”.
d)     You are taking part in a discussion on films.  State your views on violence in films in five exchanges.
3) Report the following dialogue in narrative form: -                                                             2 x 5 = 10 M
a)      Michael           : I want to send this parcel please.
Clerk               : Do you want to send it by letter post or parcel post?  It would be three rupees
                          fifty paise by letter post and tow rupees twenty paise by parcel post.
Michael           : Better send it by letter post.  It might be quicker.
Clerk               : All right Anything else I can do for you?
Michael           : Yes, could you weight this letter please?
Clerk               : It’s just over twenty grams.  It’ll cost you one rupee forty paise.  Here’re stamps
                          for the parcel and the letter.
b)      “Good afternoon Ramesh” said kishore. “Did you call at my house this morning?”
“No” I wanted to, but I had no time”.
4) Narrate any two of the following topics in not more than 100 words each :                     2 x 5 = 10 M
a)      “The Indian Idol” ___ Shriramchandra on Sony Television.
b)      An adventurous journey.
c)      A village street you have seen.
d)     Your favourite lecturer.                                                                                                          P T O
5)  Write a short paragraph of about 120 words each, on any Two of the following:            2 x 5 = 10 M
a)      A visit to the zoo        b) Computers              c) An old film actor                d) The Elephant.
6) Write a short essay of about 250 words on one of the following topics:                           1 x 10 = 10 M
a)      Strikes                         b) Hike of petrol prices           c) Terrorism in India  
7) Define and explain any Three of the following figures of speech with suitable illustrations:
3 x 3 = 9 M
a)      Metaphor                     b) Pun                          c) Euphemism                         d) Apostrophe
e) Onomatopoeia
8)  Read the passage below and answer the questions following it:                                                  5 M
            The caste system has done a great damage to the economic, political and moral strength of the Indian society.  Leaders and intellectuals say that we should free ourselves from this social evil and yet everybody, every individual Hindu, whether a common man, a leader or an intellectual, Zealously gaurds his caste identity, when his caste is likely to bring him dividends.  This betrays the double standards we adopt.  Castes dominate the political scenario, destroy the basic human dignity and ultimately deal a death blow to the very socio- cultural fabric of our country.  India, therefore will be healthy, minus caste.
a)      The caste system has done damage to?
b)      Who gauard their castle identity in the society?
c)      What do castes dominate?
d)     What branches are blown by caste system?
e)      How can India be a healthy society?
9) In the box below, the underlined words are the guide words of a dictionary page.  There are twelve more other words.  Four of the words do not belong to the dictionary page.  Circle them out.  Rearrange the rest part o the words in alphabetical order.                                                                            5 M
                        Dishonorable                                     Disreputable
                        moratorium                              quarter
                        Red                                         dish
                        Chocolate                                monogram
                        Cat                                          emotive
                        Titular                                      Try
                        Polyglot                                   Refinement
10) Make a phonemic transcription of the following words:                                                              5 M
            a) argue           b) Bomb          c) Describe      d) exam           e) Grammar.
11) Write a short note of about 100 words on two of the following                                                 2 x 3 = 6 M
a)      Character         b) Paradox       c) Satire           d) Theme
12)  Asses the merits of the following passage as a piece of narrative / Descriptive / expository /
       Reflectory  prose                                                                                                                          10 M
Dolphins, which are active sea animals are very mischievous.  According to Zoologists, dolphins are the most intelligent creatures next to man.  They can easily become man’s pet animals.  They love to play with children.  Historically, it has been established that dolphins are most friendly to human beings.




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